Kaspressknödel Onion soup, bread dumpling with cheesA C G L O4,20
Frittatensuppe Clear soup, sliced pancakesA C G L3,00
Nudelsuppe Clear soup with noodlesA C G L3,00
Zwiebelsuppe Onion soup, toast au gratinA C G L O4,20
Omas Suppentopf Noodle soup, beef, carrotsA C G L5,10
Toasts and SnacksAllergensPrice
Haussulz Beef and vegetables in aspic, pumpkin seed oil, onion and breadA C G H L8,80
Saures Rindfleisch Beef, onion, pumpkin seed oil and breadA C G H9,60
Wurstsalat Sausage salad, cheese, pepper, Onion, pickle
and bread
A L M C G H P7,80
Käsebrot Bread with cheeseA C G M P5,50
Speckbrot Bread with baconA C G H M5,50
Toast nach Art des Hauses Toast, roasted loin of pork small salad, herb butterA G G L10,80
Schinken Käse Toast Toasted ham and cheese sandwichA C G L P6,40
Hot MealsAllergenePreis
Wienerschnitzel Breaded pork slice, chipsA C G11,80
Putenschnitzel Slice of turkey, ham, leek, au gratin
potatoes, vegetables
A G L P13,80
Cordon bleu Escalope of pork Cordon bleu, potatoesA C G13,10
Nockerlpfanne Pork medallions, bacon – cream sauce SpätzleA C G L14,20
Österzolaschnitzel Escalope of pork, blue cheese sauce potato croquettesA G P12,60
Gegrillte Pute Turkey steak, noodles, tomato – basil sauceA C G L12,70
Rumpsteak Rump-steak, vegetables, herb butter,
fried slices of potatoes
G L M21,80
Grillteller Grilled meats (pork, beef), vegetables, chips, herb butterG L M16,80
Zwiebelrostbraten Steak with fried onions, potato cakesG L M19,20
Schweinskotelette Pork chop, vegetables ,fried slices of potatoesG L M12,80
Sportler – Teller Grilled Pork medallions, Vegetables, potatoes,
herb butter
G L M14,60
Zanderfilet ,,Natur“ Pike-perch fillets, rice, carrots, 
roasted almondsA D H G L M14,80
Petersfisch gegrillt Gilled John Dory, potatoes, herb butterD G L M14,60
Garnelen gebraten Roasted prawns, tomato-arugula tagliatelleA B C L M15,80
Noodles and NockerlAllergensPrice
Kasnockerl Cheese dumplings, saladA C G L M10,20
Holzknechtnockerl Roasted dumplings, potatoes, and bacon, with garlic, onion and saladA C G L M10,20
Penne all`arrabiata Penne with spicy sauce, Parmesan and SaladA C G L M10,50
Ofenkartoffel Potatoes, grilled vegetables
Sour cream sauce
G L8,20
For KidsAllergensPrice
Schnitzel Larifari Small escalope of pork
and chips
A C G6,80
Kapitäns Fischli Fried fish, potatoesA C G6,20
Chicken Nuggets with chipsA C G6,80
Chicken Wings with potatoesL M6,80
Mixed SaladG L M4,50
Salatschüssel Mixed salad with ham and eggC M G L P6,60
Fitnessteller Mixed salad with yoghurt dressing and grilled slices of turkeyM G L9,80
Backhendlsalat green salad with potatoes, pumpkin seed oil, Breaded filet of chickenM G L10,20
Garlic toastA C G3,60
Zitronensorbet Lemon sorbet, sparkling wine, fruitsG O5,20
Maroniparfait Chestnut parfait, fruit sauceC G6,20
Eispalatschinke Pancake with ice cream and Chocolate sauceA C G L P H6,20
Marmeladepalatschinke Pancake with jamA C G O2,20
Warmer Apfelstrudel Warm apple strudel / with vanilla sauceA C G3,30
Warmer Topfenstrudel Warm cheese strudel / with vanilla sauceA C G4,50
Drinks Price
Pago Juice different tasts0,2 lt.3,20
Pago Juice with Tap water0,3 lt./ 0,5 lt.3,40 / 3,60
Pago with Sparkling Water0,3 lt./ 0,5 lt.3,70 / 4,10
Coke, Fanta, Spezi, Icetea, Sprite0,25 lt. / 0,5 lt.2,80 / 4,70
Schweppes Tonic / Bitter Lemon0,2 lt.3,50
Almdudler Bottle0,33 lt.3,10
Sparkling Water Bottle0,33 lt.2,80
Sparkling Water0,25 lt. / 0,5 lt.1,00 / 2,00
Sparkling Water with Lemon0,25 lt. / 0,5 lt.1,50 / 2,50
Tap Water with Lemon0,25 lt. / 0,5 lt.1,00 / 2,00
Draft Beer, Bottle Beer & Alcohol -free
Schladminger Beer0,3 lt. / 0,5 lt.3,50 / 4,30
Weizen Beer, Schneeweisse0,3 lt. / 0,5 lt4,00 / 4,70
Gösser Natur Radler0,3 lt. / 0,5 lt.3,50 / 4,30
Dark Beer from the bottle0,5 lt.4,30
Alcoholfree Beer from the bottle0,5 lt.4,30
Alcoholfree Weizen Beer from the bottle0,5 lt.4,70
Open Wines
Spritzer White / Red1/4 lt.3,10
Welschriesling / White Wine Weingut Schneeberger Südsteiermark1/8 lt. -1/4 lt.2,80 / 5,60
Grüner Veltliner / White Wine Winzer Krems Niederösterreich1/8 lt. -1/4 lt.2,80 / 5,60
Zweigelt / Red Wine Weingut Josef Dockner1/8 lt. -1/4 lt.2,80 / 5,60
Blaufränkische / Red Wine Winzer Krems1/8 lt. -1/4 lt.2,80 / 5,60
Lambrusco1/8 lt. -1/4 lt.2,70 / 5,40
Hot Drinks
Tea /Tea with Rum- Schnaps2, 90 / 3, 90
Coffee2, 80
Cappuccino3, 30
Espresso small / largeGr. / Kl.2, 50 / 3, 20
Coffee with milk3, 10
Glühwein Hot Wine1/4 lt.4, 50
Jagatee5, 00
Heisse Schokolade Hot Chocolate3, 50

Please inform our serving staff of your allergy or intolerance

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We endeavor to be able to prepare a coordinated dish for you
On request, we serve noodles made exclusively from pure rice products.